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Where others see waste, we see possibility.

At EILEEN FISHER, we believe in clothes that stand the test of time. But nothing, not even your favorite sweater, lasts forever. That’s why we’ve created Renew, a take-back and reuse program that preserves the value of our clothes at every stage, in any condition. It’s part of our commitment to being circular by design.

Here’s how it works: you bring back your old EILEEN FISHER clothes we find them another home. When your clothes can no longer be worn, we remake them into one-of-a-kind designs—and we save the scraps, because they’re tomorrow’s raw materials.

By taking responsibility for the lifecycle of our clothes, we’re patching up the holes in a flawed apparel industry and setting a new standard for sustainability. But we can’t do it alone. Every time you choose to bring your clothes back or shop Renew, you’re helping us design a future without waste.

Since 2009, we’ve taken back 800,000 pieces of clothing. Here’s what we’re doing with them:


Gently worn clothes

Every day, our recycling centers receive roughly 800 items of EILEEN FISHER clothing. Our team checks the quality and condition of each piece, and then gives it a good-as-new cleaning. Clothes that are still in perfect condition are resold—and given a second life.

Net profits from the sale of renewed clothes go to programs that support positive change for women, girls and the environment.

Shop online and at select EILEEN FISHER stores


One-of-a-kind clothes

Many of the pieces we receive through our take-back program are in great condition—with the exception of a few minor flaws or stains. Overdyeing gives these pieces a new lease on life. We use only natural, plant- based dyes like madder root, eucalyptus and indigo that are safe for the environment. The result is an artful palette with rich, varied hues.

Available at select EILEEN FISHER stores


One-of-a-kind clothes

When it comes to clothes, we have only one rule: love them longer. So when we receive sweaters with moth holes or silk dresses with small tears, we bring them back to life. Our team lovingly mends these pieces using techniques like reweaving and patching that celebrate the flaws. Wear your repairs like a badge of honor.

Available at select EILEEN FISHER stores


New designs made from damaged clothes

Roughly 25% of the clothes we take back are damaged beyond repair. Resewing allows us to create beauty from waste.

First, we deconstruct EILEEN FISHER clothes and cut away any worn or damaged parts. Next, we stitch the remaining fabric together to create a unique design that’s cut and sewn at our Tiny Factory in New York.

Available at select EILEEN FISHER stores


New designs made from damaged clothes

When we say zero waste, we mean it. We save every scrap of fabric—because we’re committed to finding new ways to turn damaged clothes into new designs. Felting is one way we’re experimenting with repurposing old clothes.

Not currently available. Click here to find out where you can learn more.


New designs made from regenerated fibers.

What happens to the pieces we can’t overdye, mend, resew or felt? We’re not giving up on them. We’re partnering with like-minded brands to invest in innovative technologies that create new fibers from textile waste. One day, we hope to use these regenerated fibers as the raw material for EILEEN FISHER designs—it’s all part of our plan to be truly circular by design


Bring your worn-or-torn EILEEN FISHER clothes to any EILEEN FISHER or Renew store. We’ll take them back and give you a $5 Rewards Card for each item— plus the satisfaction of knowing your old clothes will get a new lease on life. Rewards can be redeemed at any EILEEN FISHER and Renew store or online at eileenfisher.com.

Don't live nearby?That’s okay, we love mail. Send your clothes directly to one of our recycling centers.

If you live EAST of the Mississippi, please send to:
50 S Buckhout Street #305
Irvington, NY 10533

If you live WEST of the Mississippi, please send to:
624 S Lander St, Suite 20
Seattle, WA 98134